Researcher & Engineer in Machine Learning & Computer Vision

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Recent news: excited to announce that this summer I’ll join Wing, an Alphabet Inc. project, where I’ll be working toward a better perception system of our autonomous delivery drones.

I am an undergraduate studying Computer Science and Mathematics at Cornell University. I conduct independent research in machine learning and computer vision and have works published in top-venues such as NeurIPS 2023. Currently, I focus on tackling problems in 3D computer vision, especially those that aid the perception of real-world robotic systems, such as autonomous vehicles.

I have interned at Moloco this summer as a machine learning engineer, exploring deep learning in the ads industry. My tasks focused on leveraging ensemble learning and model compression techniques to improve the company’s core model, while at the same time lowering its cost for deployment.

Besides ML engineer, I’m a foodie & cooking enthusiast, classical pianist 🎹, and long-distance runner 🏃!


  1. In NeurIPS 2023; topics: vision-language models, contrastive and self-supervised learning

    Test-Time Distribution Normalization for Contrastively Learned...

  2. In DistShift Workshop at NeurIPS 2022; topics: recommender system, collaborative filtering.

    Cross-Dataset Propensity Estimation for Debiasing Recommender Systems


I’m a fan of classical music, especially the romantic era. I enjoy a wide range of composers: Chopin, Debussy, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and some more.

I recently started recording some pieces. Listen to my performance at my Soundcloud!


I’m a runner of spring and summer. Ithaca’s cold weather unfortunately makes outdoor exercise impossible during the winter.

Current Personal Bests

2:07:49, Half Marathon, San Francisco Marathon 2023